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Meet the Marimbros

Marimbros consists of 2 members: Thomas Schollaert & Laurens Maris
Based in Ninove / Belgium

About Marimbros

We are musical brothers, bros, with a shared passion for the marimba, a melodic percussion instrument originating from Latin America, consisting of a series of graduated wooden bars played with small mallets.

Our musical paths first crossed in the percussion class at the Academy for Music in Ninove (Belgium). At a very young age, Laurens had already started taking private drumming lessons, and a few years later, he had the opportunity to take composition lessons with the renowned Dirk Brossé. Thomas had already been playing the violin for a few years, which he gladly exchanged for a new instrument: the marimba. Along with our friendship, the love for music and the marimba grew stronger with age.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we formed Marimbros to bring entertainment to people in lockdown. We started making marimba arrangements of popular songs and sharing them on YouTube. Afterwards, we also began creating short videos for Instagram and TikTok. Our videos went viral and currently, we have over 160,000 followers on Instagram and 40,000 on tiktok.

In addition to our percussion playing, we both appeared to have a predilection for show. After the lockdown we decided to give performing live a try. People were pleasantly surprised by our adaptations of songs across a variety of genres and by our energy. Each time we were cheered on by a big crowd, and soon after, a lot of bookings followed. We perform all over the world, sharing the enchanting melodies of the marimba with diverse audiences.

We were proud to have made it to the semi-finals of Holland's Got Talent and we had a tremendous time during the famous yearly festivities in Ghent (Gentse Feesten). We performed in the the dutch TV-shows "de TV-kijker van het jaar 2022" on RTL4 and "Top 2000 à go go" on NPO1 and were featured on Belgian radio station Musiq3 (part of RTBF). We have already collaborated with various companies, including JBL Europe, Samsung, artist Lost Frequencies and we made a video for ABC News, which was broadcast on over 200 channels worldwide.

Interested? We are looking forward to performing for you, be it in a small living room or a big concert hall. You name it, we’ll do it.

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