Belgian Marimba Duo

The other sound of Marimba

We Create Music Together

We are a young and enthusiastic Belgian duo with a passion for percussion. We put the underrated instrument ‘marimba‘ more in the spotlight while entertaining our audience with danceable songs. To this music we add a huge portion of ambiance: we dance to it, we jump to it, we go completely crazy. The result: an original performance  as you've never seen. You'll be dancing, having fun, and having the time of your life. What’s more, our program is very varied and can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients.


Get ready for the party you never thought you wished for!


Watch more

We are active on almost all social media platforms. You can find us on TikTok with short videos, on Youtube with medleys and covers, and on Facebook and Instagram with weekly updates.

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"The Marimbros create a wonderful musical mix with entertainment for all generations. This isn’t just music, it’s an experience…"

James C.